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Pastoral Care 1

Have you ever been in a situation with a friend who says “Let’s focus on the positive, on what I’ve done well.” “Everyone else does it.” “It seemed the sensible thing to do.” “I did it with good intentions.” “I was afraid of other people.” Consider those comments in light of 1 Samuel 15.

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Pastoral Care 2

Have you ever known someone struggling with addictive behavior who has been told that their addiction is due in part to their low self-esteem?

I come from a long history of addictions. My family has deep roots in various addictions from drugs to alcohol to sexuality to the constant pursuit of material belongings. The church I am part of planting is bursting at the seams with people who are currently struggling or have struggled very recently with various forms of addiction. Thankfully I am witnessing the Lord’s power at work as he continues the process of freeing me and many others in our community from these behaviors though it has been a slow process – sometimes much slower than I wished it would be.

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