Psalm 32 | Forgiveness

Forgiveness is the heart of the gospel. The gospel is the good news that Jesus came to this earth to live the perfect life, to die a horrible death on a cross as the perfect substitute for filthy, rotten, rebellious, sinners just like you and me, to leave the tomb empty on the third day, and to leave us with the promise of eternity in Heaven, so that, by faith, you and I could receive full forgiveness (a full pardon) for our sins against God.

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Psalm 31 | Be Strong And Wait

Psalm 31 is a song about being strong and waiting for God to come through in the midst of the darkest of times.2 When all hell breaks loose in your life and you can’t see three feet in front of you because of the mushroom clouds of conflict and chaos, this is when David, the author of this Psalm, encourages us to be strong and wait for the Lord to show up.

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