1 Timothy 6:11 – 16 | Belonging, Living and Trusting

These verses are a charge from the apostle Paul to Timothy his son in the faith. There’s something very powerful that happens when a father speaks to his child. The Scriptures teach us that death and life are in the power of the tongue. With our tongues we can speak deadly hurtful words that wound people unnecessarily. Likewise, with our tongues we can speak life-giving words that challenge and encourage and motivate people.

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1 Timothy 6:3 – 10 | A Wandering Heretic

Teach and urge these things. Some have wandered away from the faith. These phrases act as bookends to everything that Paul says in verses 3 – 10. In our study of 1st Timothy, Paul has consistently drawn our attention to the issue of false teachers, shipwrecked believers, departed disciples and now wandering heretics. And he says: teach and urge these things. Paul’s message to us in this letter regarding those who apostatize from the faith is an urgent matter.

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