1 Timothy 5:1 – 16 | Like Family Members

There’s no such thing as lower class, middle class or upper class in the church family. There’s only the class of sinner turned saint. There’s only the class who’ve been redeemed from the pit. There’s only the class that once was lost but now is found. There’s only the class who were orphaned by sin but adopted by the Savior. There are no second rate citizens in the church family and there certainly are no citizens with special privileges.

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1 Timothy 4:11 – 16 | Keep A Close Watch

Paul’s words to Timothy in the opening verse of our text carry a tone of seriousness that cannot be dismissed lightly. Five words in the first verse: Command and teach these things. Five simple words that carry serious meaning. We all have a serious responsibility to command obedience to the teaching of God’s Word. This is a serious matter because men and women who teach with their words what their lives don’t support are dangerous teachers to follow.

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