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Giving Freely

You may have heard the phrase that it takes a village to raise a kid. I know that’s certainly been true for me. I also think it’s true that it takes a village to establish a community where the presence of God lives visibly.

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Where God Dwells

Building a church is costly. It takes resources to build anything. You can’t build much for free. There will always be an element of personal sacrifice and costliness when you attempt to build something. And there is a price tag for building a community where the presence of God dwells. It was the same in Moses’ day too.

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God’s Good Gift

What enables you to worship God through the giving of your time, talent and treasure with true joy? Why would you joyfully give yourself away for the kingdom of God? There never seems to be enough time, talent or treasure to go around anyway. So why would you joyfully give these things away instead of keeping it to yourself?

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A Grievous Evil

There’s a lot of evil that happens on this earth. Violence against the innocent. Domestic abuse. Bullying. Sexual assault. The list can go and on. I don’t often think about the connection between money and evil.

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Sleep Well

The love of money is worthless. Money wealth and belongings won’t satisfy you because the more you have, the more you consume and even though wealth may look good it won’t help you sleep at night.

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God Multiplies

The theme of multiplication runs throughout the Bible. What cannot be achieved by addition, God does by multiplication. You reap what you sow, only many times more. What you give to the Lord, he multiplies.

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