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Psalm 36 | Depending on God’s Steadfast Love

Psalm 36 is a confession of sin and faith with a prayer for God to continue pouring out his love on his people.2 In our culture, it is common to downplay the reality of our sin as we reconstruct God into a being who isn’t bothered by our rebellion. But David knows better. God is bothered by our sin and he calls us to trust in his steadfast love as we confess our sin to him.

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Psalm 35 | Calling, Trusting, Rejoicing

Psalm 35 is typically referred to as an imprecatory Psalm or a cursing Psalm.2 In this Psalm, King David literally curses his enemies, complains about his enemies, prays for God to annihilate his enemies, and then, he praises God for his promises of justice and judgment against wickedness and evil.3

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