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Keeping It Missional

One of our values as a church is “Missional Community”.

We believe that the church is meant to be a missional community that gathers consistently to learn, live, pray, worship, care & proclaim the gospel among unreached people groups to the glory of God. (Acts 2:42-47)

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Evangelism & Social Action

The mission and vision statement of our church is “We are seeking to be a gospel centered church family of gospel communities that grow disciples who glorify God by following Jesus, leading families, making disciples, equipping missionaries and planting churches”. The community that is springing up around us is full of people who’ve been marginalized, homeless, struggled with addictions & experienced relational brokenness. I didn’t know the ramifications or outcomes that would flow from penning these statements 3 yrs ago with our first gospel community. I wasn’t ready and I’m still not ready for the steady influx of people that the Lord is drawing into our church family.

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Biblical Teaching In Missional Perspective

I asked one of the guys in our church for feedback on a recent message of his choice. He seemed to pick up the basic structure, big idea, context and application of the message. He did seem particularly and personally challenged by the message. He didn’t remember any illustrations other than a more modern retelling of the parable that was part of the text the message was based on. (For the record he is right… there weren’t many illustrations needed from outside the text itself).

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