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Are You Ready?

What are you willing to go through personally, professionally, recreationally, financially, emotionally and relationally to be a member, leader or shepherd for the bride of Christ? Are you ready to die? Are you ready to pray and fast? Are you ready to trust Jesus?

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Prayerful & Prophetic Presence

How do you practice a healthy personal presence in the midst of chaos? When the crap hits the fan how do you stay emotionally, spiritually and physically present in a healthy way? I want to propose that a healthy leader who is personally present in the midst of chaos practices a prayerful prophetic presence.

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Patient Persistence

One of the most painful stories I’ve personally experienced is the story of a young middle school girl who came back to a campus youth club that I lead after Christmas break and pulled our leaders aside and told us that her stepdad had raped her over the Christmas break and after doing so told her Merry Christmas.

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Growing Maturity

I want to continue growing in maturity as a leader. I want to live and lead from a place of true joy rather than chasing the fleeting illusion of momentary happiness. I want to operate from an authentic place of living in the presence of my Heavenly Father. I want to love the Lord with my entire being. I want to love the present version of the people I lead more than the future vision I have for them.

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Operational and Directional

My mode of operating affects the direction I lead others in. When I’m stuck in survival mode I lead others into bunkers where we exist only to defend ourselves from everything that’s being thrown at us. When I’m stuck in a “charge the hill at all costs” mode I lead others into a dream state where we exist only in the future possibility of what could be on the other side of this mountain.

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