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The book of Ephesians is probably my favorite book in the entire Bible; right next to the book of Romans and especially Romans chapter eight. This seems appropriate to me since some people believe that the book of Romans is most likely an extended commentary on the themes that Paul began to explain in Ephesians.

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Jesus According to John

What do you struggle to believe about Jesus? To believe something is to accept that something is true and reliable. When you and I believe that something is true and reliable, we put our trust in it; we do not trust what we do not believe to be true or reliable.

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Jesus According to Luke

I want us to think for a few minutes about the certainty of the Christmas season; about the things we can count on when Christmas comes around. We can be certain, we can count on, getting together with some friends and family, maybe eating some good food, giving and receiving some Christmas gifts, the Christmas Story movie playing on repeat on various TV channels, Christmas music playing everywhere we go, and the beauty of Christmas decorations all over the place.

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Jesus According to Mark

One of my favorite debates during the Christmas season centers around the validity of the Die Hard movies being Christmas movies! I personally think those movies are great Christmas movies since they were released around the Christmas season but nevertheless, I digress!

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Jesus According to Matthew

What do you love the most about the Christmas season? The Christmas season is one of my favorite seasons of the year. I love the beauty of the season with all of the lights, and the music, and the festivities, and the special food, and the time we spend with family and friends.

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