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Acts 17:1 – 15 | Turning The World Upside Down

The Apostle Paul is by far one of the most inspiring characters in the New Testament outside of Jesus himself. Through the Apostle Paul, God did what we typically think is impossible. He took a national terrorist and turned him into a worldwide evangelist; he planted upwards of thirteen or more churches throughout the middle east and modern-day Europe; and he also wrote two-thirds of the New Testament.

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Acts 16:11 – 40 | Church Planting in Philippi

Two weeks ago, we surveyed all the events that led up to the Apostle Paul and his crew receiving the call to minister in Macedonia or modern-day Europe (15:36 – 16:10). Those events were nothing short of disorienting, discouraging, and downright brutal. Discerning and following God’s call on your life is typically a process that is not for the faint of heart (I imagine this is why so many so-called believers in the Western church cannot explain what their ministry is).

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Acts 15:36 – 16:10 | Trusting God While Doing Ministry

One of the core teachings in the Bible is that every Christian is called to do gospel ministry. The Great Commission in Matthew 28 and the teaching of Ephesians 4 regarding the responsibility of church leaders to equip church members for the work of ministry, stands in stark contrast to the idea in the Western church that church leaders do the ministry as they work for the church. The bottom line is, every Christian is called to be a minister and ministry is not easy.

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