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1 Timothy 6:3 – 10 | A Wandering Heretic

Teach and urge these things. Some have wandered away from the faith. These phrases act as bookends to everything that Paul says in verses 3 – 10. In our study of 1st Timothy, Paul has consistently drawn our attention to the issue of false teachers, shipwrecked believers, departed disciples and now wandering heretics. And he says: teach and urge these things. Paul’s message to us in this letter regarding those who apostatize from the faith is an urgent matter.

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1 Timothy 6:1 – 2 | Slaves And Masters

I want to do three things today as we study this passage. I want to deal with the elephant in the room in regards to the topic of this text, which is Paul’s apparent ignorance of the horrors of slavery. Then I want to explain what Paul is actually saying in the text. And finally I want to tie everything together under the bloody cross in the doorway of the empty tomb in practical application for us.

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