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Ezra 9:1 – 15 | Ezra’s Prayer

The passage we are about to study today is one of the heaviest passages in all of Ezra. In a few moments we will read an account of Israel’s faithlessness as their sin is revealed to Ezra. We will also read Ezra’s gut-wrenching response as he cries out to God on behalf of Israel. But before we dive into the text for today, I think it would be good to do a short recap of what we have studied in recent weeks.

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Ezra 7:28 – 8:15 | Executing the Mission

When I first read this list of names, I remember thinking that this would be a tough text to get anything spiritually nourishing from. I have always believed and taught that every word of the Bible is inspired by God and therefore helpful in revealing the heart of God in the person and work of the crucified, risen and returning Savior to us.

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