Our mission is to be a gospel centered church family of gospel communities that grow missionally engaged disciples who glorify God. This means that we value the transforming message of the gospel. We value the diversity of the church family. We value and want to be wholeheartedly invested in the work of God’s mission throughout the world.

Matthew 16:15 – 18; 28:18 – 20; John 20:19 – 23 and Acts 1:6 – 8 have been foundational to our understanding and practice of missional engagement. God’s mission is to you and through you. When God saves you he sends you.

We value the power of the gospel through story. Every one of us has a unique story of how the gospel has formed us. This truth was illustrated for us through Chris and Stephanie Shade’s story. (If you haven’t heard it yet GO HERE). My hope is that as you hear their story you challenged and encouraged to lean into missional engagement.

Every one of us has a past and every one of us has current struggles. But every one of us also lives in a community full of people who do not know Jesus yet. Roughly 17,000 people in Hastings don’t know Jesus. Imagine how many people could begin to believe because of the story of the gospel in and through you


  1. What are some things that caught your attention in Chris and Stephanie Shade’s story?
  2. What does our church do to practice mission? What things could we be doing?
  3. Who are you pursuing with the message of the gospel in your extended family? Your work place? Your neighborhood? Your friend circle?
  4. Have someone pray for the person you are pursuing with the message of the gospel.