Acts 12:5 reminds us to pray for other people by name. The members of the early church prayed earnestly or passionately for Peter as he sat in prison. They knew his difficult circumstances, they knew the responsibility he carried for the spread of the gospel and they cried out to God in prayer on his behalf. This pattern is a great example of how we should pray for others.

Spend some time praying according to the points below:

  1. Pray for people you know who are not following Christ and ask the Lord to save them through the message of the gospel.
  2. Pray for people you know who are suffering or have needs in our community.
  3. Pray for people you know in your church family that are facing some difficult circumstances.
  4. Pray for some church leaders by name, asking God to strengthen and encourage them.
  5. Pray for another church family by name and ask the Lord to bless them and provide for them and help them to proclaim the gospel faithfully.