Last week we talked about vivification. This week we are going to talk about sponsorship. The end goal of the program outlined in this study is to advance the Kingdom of God for the glory of God.


We hope to accomplish the goals of this study in two ways. First, we hope to help spiritually sick people find spiritual health by submitting to the rule of Jesus Christ. Second, we hope to show those same people how to help the next person. Once we finish working through the steps, we should begin to “sponsor” others. Someone took the time to help us find freedom in our lives, and now we should pay it forward to others as they seek to do the same.


Let’s look at a passage that will help us understand more about the role and importance of sponsored in our lives. As we read this, look for what we learn about the importance of sponsorship. (Read Matthew 28:16 – 20)


  1. What straightforward things does Jesus say about our responsibility to sponsor other people?
  2. What specific things does Jesus call us to do in sponsoring other people?
  3. Whose authority do we rely on as we sponsor other people?
  4. What experience did the disciples have with being sponsored?


The diagnostic questions below are designed to help you apply the principle of sponsorship. They will help you think through how you can work toward sponsoring other people. Remember the ground rules: 1) Be as specific as you can about your real life. 2) Listen to each other. 3) Don’t give advice unless asked.

  1. Who could you begin to sponsor right now?
  2. What kind of barriers are you aware of that stop you from sponsoring someone else?
  3. How could you or how have you practiced the art of listening and asking good questions with this person?
  4. What would a regular meeting with your sponsee look like?
  5. What kind of self-righteousness do you need to be on guard against within yourself as you sponsor this person?
  6. In what ways might you be tempted to fix this person?
  7. In what ways are you tempted to become too harsh with this person?
  8. In ways could you be tempted to be legalistic with this person?



Work with others. The trick here is simply to dive right in and start working with others. You’ll feel overwhelmed and unqualified, but if you stick to the process outlined in this book, things will likely work themselves out. Always remember that you don’t have to have the answers—you just need to know how to find them.

Ask God for help. If some of us tend to think we are unqualified, others tend to grossly overestimate their abilities. We have learned the hard way that we do not save anyone— only God does. Therefore, we should recognize our limitations and seek his aid in humility. Pray frequently for strength, discernment, wisdom, and guidance as you work with others.

Seek wise counsel from others. As we grow in experience, we tend to think that we have all the answers. is trust in self is frequently misplaced. We should admit that we are wrong, as o en as not, but God in his grace has placed us in community. So we should take advantage of this community by making it a point to seek wise counsel from others when we are not sure about how best to proceed.

Share the truth about Jesus. God has saved you and is currently working to transform you. To the extent you are seeing the fruits of that in your life, make it a point to begin to share about them with others. Tell them the truth about what God is doing for you, how grateful you are, and how they can experience the same thing.

Reflect daily on 2 Timothy 2:1 – 2